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Hello everybody, thank you for the visit.. sorry if i dont answer many of the messages and comments that you leave me, i´ve been very very very busy at work... sometimes i have to work even on the weekends... but well, im still around, and im working on some brushes... thank you for the :+fav:´s and for the watch. i´ll be back to deviant very soon!!!

Happy Eid!!
Merry Christmas!!
Happy New Year!!
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First of all, thanks for all the comments on "Vitamiel - winner" is very funny when u do something just to acomplish the deadline and surprise! its a winner design.. this project i made it with a classmate who didnt worked at all... (theres always a lazy in every class) and it didnt had such a nice grade... but even with all this it was chosen! Im reaaaaallllly happy for this :excited: i think it goes straight to the CV :D and the website of course! That i've been working on it lately... is why i've been busy. :work: and also dealing with my philosophy class, i must be nuts... wich designer likes philosophy??? :confused:

Anyway! Enjoy the weekend :sun: ciauuu ciauu
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And the month of love started... i wonder what does people think about St.Valentines day.. is it consumism or truly love? To me any day can be a love day, why the 14th? Is just an opportunity to spend :dollarus:, thats all.

But i don't say this 'cause im lonely! at all!... In fact i want you all to know that after a real bad time i spent... i have back the love i lost, sometimes you make a mistake and then you realize what you let go... you regret 'till bones... you cry until you swim on your tears... you have no inspiration and the depression becomes your best friend... alhamdoulilah this ended for me, and im madly in love with my true and only soulmate :love: is so good to be in love!!!

I'll tell you all later about my philosophy classes!! they're fantastic :excited:
Hugs for every one :hug: and Happy Valentines day!
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I wonder if i bore everyone with these journals about creativity... is just that in the past few months i had a situation who broke my :heart: and since then i think i lost the "magic" nothing inspires me... There's someone very special in my life right now and i have the hope he helps me to be cured :love: insha allah.

So... this is what i found...

:pencil:1. Know what inspires you. Go back to your memories and recall when you felt most inspired. What was the common thread amongst the different times when you've been inspired? Was it a quality about another person or your self? Was there a theme to the times when you've been inspired, or have been inspiring? Was it an action that a person took - or that you took? Think about what's inspired you in the past. Look to see what's missing now.

:pencil:2. Learn to live with ambivalence while striving for perfection.   Inspiration lives between the two spaces of ambivalence and perfection. Inspiration speaks to the best within our selves - ambivalence is the messiness of our lives, the life process. Perfection is the ideal, while ambivalence is its application. Inspiration is what moves us forward in life - through the ambivalence and towards the ideal.

:pencil:3. Take a break from your life. Go to a movie or hike a mountain to its highest vista. Surround yourself with the sound of the rhythm of water, while the warmth of the sun energizes your body. Move your body so you feel its life. Keep your focus on nothing other than your experience. Live in the present.

:pencil:4. Inspiration isn't only what's done TO you. Being inspired requires an openness of heart and spirit. Create an enviroment that supports an open heart, so that inspiration blossoms in your life. Just as a flower needs soil and water, so too does inspiration need openness of heart and spirit. Inspiration can't exist without this.

:pencil:5. Sometimes we fall before we stand. Don't beat yourself up when you fall from grace. Life is a process and isn't static.When you fall, don't beat yourself up for falling. Acknowledge the fall and it's impact on your life. At some point, you'll take action and stand up. Trust the process.

:pencil:6. Divert your attention. Forget about the joys that inspiration brings, and live from another domain. An inspired life isn't
only about inspiration. It's also about exhilaration, about passion and living life fully. Do something completely different than you normally would. Strike up a conversation with someone you typically wouldn't, and approach the conversation with naivete, openness and depth. There's a good chance that inspiration will come to you when you're least looking for it.

:pencil:7. Surround yourself with what inspires you. If a certain type of person inspires you, follow and nurture the attraction.
Trust what inspires you, and let it guide your actions. If a Wagner opera inspires you, surround yourself with it's music so you feel completely at one with the music, and with what inspires you. Lose yourself in what you love and be inspired.

:pencil:8. Get outside of yourself.Though you think you know what inspires you based on past experiences - this doesn't mean
that you can't be inspired by something new that previously didn't effect you. Live in the present and pay attention to what tugs at your heart. This will give you a hint to newer sources of inspiration.

:pencil:9. Grace + openness + life + soul = inspiration. Create a formula consisting of the ingredients that define inspiration for you. We all have different perceptions and experiences
of inspiration. Define what it is for you.

:pencil:10. Inspiration is a quality and a state of being. To be inspiring to others is to be self-generative and inspiring
to our selves. How can you be more self-generative? One must live in a state of being that allows for inspiration to take root. How can you cause and create your own source of inspiration? Where are you self-generative in your life, and how can you be more self-generative?  
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There's some time i havent uploaded anything, except things i've made for school... so i was wondering about "how to be creative" and i found this tips that can be useful for you too.

:bulletblue:1-Ignore everybody
The more original your idea is, the less good advice other people will be able to give you.
:bulletblue:2-The idea doesnt have to be big, it just have to change the world.
The two are not the same thing.
:bulletblue:3-Put the hours in.
Doing anything worthwhile takes forever. 90% of what separates successful people and failed people is time, effort and stamina.
:bulletblue:4-You are responsible for your own experience.
Nobody can tell you if what you're doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile. The more compelling the path, the more lonely it is.
:bulletblue:5-Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.
Then when you hit puberty they take the crayons away and replace them with books on algebra etc. Being suddenly hit years later with the creative bug is just a wee voice telling you, "I'd like my crayons back, please."
:bulletblue:6-Don't try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether.
Your plan for getting your work out there has to be as original as the actual work, perhaps even more so. The work has to create a totally new market. There's no point trying to do the same thing as 250,000 other young hopefuls, waiting for a miracle. All existing business models are wrong. Find a new one.
:bulletblue:7-Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.
You may never reach the summit; for that you will be forgiven. But if you don't make at least one serious attempt to get above the snow-line, years later you will find yourself lying on your deathbed, and all you will feel is emptiness.
:bulletblue:8-Merit can be bought. Passion can't.
The only people who can change the world are people who want to. And not everybody does.
:bulletblue:9-Don't worry about finding inspiration. It comes eventually.
Inspiration precedes the desire to create, not the other way around.
:bulletblue:10-You have to find your own schtick.
A Picasso always looks like Piccasso painted it. Hemingway always sounds like Hemingway. A Beethoven Symphony always sounds like a Beethoven's Syynphony. Part of being a master is learning how to sing in nobody else's voice but your own.

For more like this:… there's about 20 more...
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Probably many of you have heard about the "Day of the Dead" an ancient festivity that has been much transformed through the years, but which was intended in prehispanic Mexico to celebrate children and the dead.

We can describe it as a time when Mexican families remember their dead, and the continuity of life. We celebrate it the first 2 days of November.

The holiday activities consist in:
1) The families welcome back their dead into their homes.
2) Visiting the graves. The families decorate the graves with flowers (marigolds) and candles and take food to eat there and food for the soul of the dead. There is a warm social enviroment, a colorful setting, abundance of food, wich make it pleasant for the observers, it is a ritual of recognizing the cycle of life and death.
In this point i wanna make clear that we do not venerate death (in case my muslim brothers and sisters confuse) this is an ancient tradition, before the spanish came.
3) The 1st day of November is the day that the souls of the children come back to their families and to be fed. The family offers food, fruits, and sweets to the children, it can be at his grave or in the altar that the family prepared at home for them. (Of course they dont really eat the food)
4)The 2nd day is for the adults, and is the same thing about the food, sometimes the family put the favorite food of the dead, and cigarretes if he used to smoke.
5)And the dead... dont get lost? well... we put the petals of the marigold in the floor from the door to the altar so like this we can guide him. We represent the 4 elements with diferent things, fire > candles, water > a glass of water, wind> the colorful paper who moves with the wind, and earth > food & fruit.

I hope im not forgeting anything... im here for any question or comment :)

Here are a few links to pictures... i dont want to scare anyone after all what i said, so i would like to show you:
The altar >…
The cementery>…
More info>
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How many times have you met someone who touched your heart and you have asked, "Is this person, 'The One'?"

From the time we are able to desire a partner - most people seek The One - the person who is here to make them feel complete.

That person would be a lifetime partner - always there with unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

The One is here to share your journey - through all of its detours - and to support your decisions as you evolve.

When you meet The One - if you are lucky enough to meet that person - you do not have to ask, "Is this The One?" You will know.

According to the dictionary the definition would be:

Soulmate (or soul mate) is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, and/or compatibility.

On my opinion, a soulmate is much more than this, is to look for the same objectives without not even say a word, is to know what the other "half" feels, thinks, and needs without asking, just by the feeling. It is like your reflex.

I don't know if they are souls who have lived other life together and they reunite over and over, or if it was one soul divided in two... or what... but the thing is that when they meet... is impossible to separate them.

It's hard to explain...

But... what happens when you are with "the one" and for some reason you confuse! you go with other person thinking it may be "the one" and it result be a whole mess....

An advice: When you truly feel you have found your soulmate, half, twin soul, "the one"..... do the impossible to keep him/her otherwise you'll never feel complete again.

1 week subscription

Fri Jul 28, 2006, 1:56 PM
1 weeek subscription!!!! Yupppiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

Why this? I opened my account and boom! 1 week subscription for free, is great !!

I wanna take the chance to show my friends to everyone who comes, i think is my favorite feature about the subscription :D

So... what else can i do with the subscription?? Is there any recomendation??

Well...recomendations or not, i wanna wish you all a great great great week, full of love & happiness :)

Hope to know from you soon.


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So.. tomorrow saturday is the match between Mexico and Argentina, Mexico has been playing very very bad... and who knows how we are now in the next level... most people think Argentina will win, and i believe it is very possible.

Borgetti missed the 2 last matches, but tomorrow he'll be there playing! I dont know what to think... i just wonder if he will save the match, or if they will trust on Omar Bravo again... honestly im disapointed, i expected more effort.
Well... im not real fan of football and i dont know a lot about it... but i can't miss the world cup, right?

So, today Mexico will play again, this time with Angola, i have no idea about the score.. 2-1 perhaps? Anyway! Mexico will win for sure. :w00t!:

Many people will go early from their offices to :teevee: the match and me.. thank you... i will see it at the office :angered: .... well at least i will see it! :D

Anyway! Good luck to both teams :hug:
:bulletred: Mexico - Iran :bulletred:


18:00 hrs. [local time]
18:00 hrs. [italy]
11:00 hrs. [mexico]
20:30 hrs. [iran]
16:00 hrs. [morocco]

In case someone don't know and wanna see it!! :teevee:

:bulletred: Now let's see a general view :bulletred:

Mexico are favourites to progress from this group alongside Portugal and victory over Iran will go a long way to achieving that goal.

Last year's Confederations Cup success in which they reached the semi-finals has given them an appetite to go far in these finals.

Iran are vastly experienced and will be no pushovers with a number of them having improved hugely from playing in Germany and Italy over the last few years. Both Mexico and Iran believe they have a good chance of advancing to the next round.

:bulletred: Key quotes :bulletred:

Mexico midfielder, Pavel Pardo: "If we play every game like a cup final, like we did at the Confederations Cup, then there is a belief we can reach the final."

Iran coach Branko Ivankovic: "We have not come to the World Cup just to make up the numbers. We feel we can beat anyone."

:bulletred: Key stats :bulletred:

Mexico have reached 12 World Cup finals but have been knocked out in the second round on their last three appearances.

Their coach, Ricardo Lavolpe was third-choice goalkeeper in Argentina's 1978 World Cup winning squad.

The teams have never met in a competitive match with their only encounter coming in 2000 in a friendly in the United States. Mexico won 2-1.

Who will win the match??????.............  :roll:

Good luck for both teams!!  :w00t:
How boring... it is 5:22pm and i finished what i had to do since 12pm!!!!!!! i thought to come and see what's new here.

Thnx to all my muslim... brothers, i dont have any sister here yet, for the support, it is really apreaciated :)

:hug: for all.
Heeeyyy everybodyyy..... my website is ready, please i would love if you go to take a look! and i would love comments and suggestions on my email or here, i need some feedback about it!!

Just click on the button up, who say "website" or go here:

seeeee ya! :D
So... the interview was great and i am happy to say that i got the job!!! :w00t:
My website it's under construction but i'll have my portfolio online if anyone wanna take a look, just please be back in few days and it will be ready! :) Thank you.
today i received a called for a job interview!! and it completely changed my mood!!! im really happy :)  thanx to a great friend who sent my CV :)
As always... not enough time :work: but always time to upload something new!! i hope you enjoy it :)
im still learning to use all the options of the site... im sure it will always surprise me with something new, i love it! :love: